BootStrapped Weekly

BootStrapped Weekly - #3

No one ever went broke taking a profit” – Jason Fried’s Father

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This is what you shouldn’t do on a pricing page - Next to your home page, is there more important page on your site? Could it actually be more important than your home page?

Bonus, Derek Halpern shares the biggest pricing mistake people make.


The 9 Best Email Marketing Tips From 2013

Tip #3 — Understand the ‘real’ subject line - The quote to start this newsletter was an attempt to better utilize the real subject line. If my open rate exceeds 65%, I will call this a victory.

Bootstrappers 2013 – A Year in Review

Brennan Dunn, Amy Hoy, and Nathan Barry and others share their year end reviews. Not much in the way of action points, but a lot of revenue numbers if that is your thing. And not to be missed, Patrick McKenzie shared his 2013 info as well.

Growing From $5,000 to $25,000 in MRR

In short, talk to your customers and try to leverage the apps they are already using.

The highest converting metric

Speaking of talking to people…

Vacations are for the weak

If your business does not afford you time away, is it really worth it?

Your Side Project as Insurance Policy

A bit of preaching to the choir here, but still a great read.

How to make $800/mo from three lines of code

The take away here isn’t the design suggestion (seriously, don’t just copy this design tweak). It is to remember there are likely obvious and simple ways to improve your bottom line. What can you do today to highlight what you already do….better?

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