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Two Things Every BootStrapper Needs To Remember

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This weeks BootStrappedWithKids had two a statements every bootstrapper needs to remember.

First, a quote from Steve Furtick: “The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”.

It is only natural to compare your own business to both competitors and other bootstrappers. But you need to remember, every business has warts. Every business has struggles. Focus on what is working and use that to keep moving in a positive direction.

Second, Keep on pushing.

Success takes time. Progress simply takes a step. You cannot make it to success without a little progress.

Imitate. We are imperfect mirrors. - “an entrepreneur can imitate someone else’s business, and still be adding a unique service to the world.”. You Don’t To Be Unique. Just be (more) useful.

Continuing on previous link….The need for constant reinvention - “What it really comes down to is finding a way to do things better (whether it’s a new problem or an old one), and knowing what and where your advantages are.

12 pieces of popular business advice to ignore in your bootstrapped startup - A good reminder from Dan Norris to challenge everything, even conventional bootstrapper wisdom.

A simple way to validate your startup idea - Do you know 5 people who need your product? So damn simple, it might just work.

More Productized Services - A continuation of productized services from issue #5. Also, be sure to check out, Would I Start a Productized Services Company?.

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P.S. My biggest productivity boost in years has been driven by using Momentum. Anything you started doing recently to be more productive?